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Growing up in Queens!

I've recently begun writing a book about my childhood and growing up in Elmhurst, Queens, in the foothills of Corona as I always like to say. I have lots of stories and occasionally at a party or hanging out with friends I'd tell one of them. Every time I would tell a story of life back on 53rd Avenue, with my Mom, Stella, and my Dad, Charlie, or Chick as he was known, people would say "You have to write a book". Well, that time seems to have come. About a month ago I sat down at my MacBook Pro, started typing, and the words began to flow out of me. Everyday now I wake up and look forward to writing. I actually started sleeping with a pen and paper on my night stand for the (many) times when an event from my childhood, or High School days, or working in 4 Star Hotels on Fifth Avenue, or dancing the night away at Studio 54 pops into my head. These moments always seem to happen around 3am and on the occasions when I am too lazy to get up and write them down, they are completely forgotten it in the morning. I thought this blog would be a good way to share them with everyone until the time comes when I finish my book and, hopefully, get it published. Once a week I am going to post an excerpt right here on Chuck's Chatter, so check back often. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I am enjoying writing them! Oh - here's a picture of me and Mom in the Kitchen.

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